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3 Reasons To Install Inverter Controls On Your Industrial Motors

There are a number of motorized components that contribute to the production of goods in an industrial setting. These components can include a hoist, a trolley, and a crane. Controlling these pieces of equipment properly ensures the safety of your industrial facility and allows employees to maximize productivity.

An inverter control can be added to the motors of your industrial machines to facilitate greater control over the operation of vital machinery.

1. Inverter controls allow for smooth speed transitions.

The manner in which an employee accelerates or decelerates a machine's motor can have a direct impact on the lifespan of the motor itself. Without an inverter control, speed transitions must be completed manually. This leaves a lot of room for operator error.

Sudden changes in speed can contribute to premature wear of the moving parts within an industrial engine. An inverter control can smooth out these speed transitions and allow the motor to change speeds without creating additional friction.

Prolonging the life of your industrial motors will help reduce operating costs over time.

2. Inverter controls offer speed variation.

If you want to ensure that you have total control over the industrial motors utilized by your company each day, then you must install inverter controls. These controls, which are also referred to as variable frequency drives, allow for a greater range of speed variation.

Traditional controls feature only two speeds, a minimum and a maximum. With an inverter control, your operators can hold a range of speeds between the minimum and maximum with ease.

Having the ability to select a custom speed allows you to improve the performance of your industrial machines and maximize product quality in the future.

3. Inverter controls prevent premature brake wear.

Brakes play a critical role in the safety of any industrial machine. When you make the choice to install inverter controls on your industrial engines, you can extend the life of the brakes on these machines.

Reductions in speed are controlled by the inverter rather than the brakes. This allows the motor to reach a speed of nearly zero before the brakes are actually engaged to bring the motor to a complete stop.

This dynamic braking can significantly reduce the amount of wear on your brake pads and rotors, making your industrial motors a lot safer to operate.

Inverter controls can provide you with maximum control over the performance of your industrial machines. Make the switch to inverter controls and reap the benefits these specialty controls can offer. Visit websites like HITACHIACDRIVE.COM for more information.