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After struggling for years to find a way to give back to my community, I started thinking about the incredible number of people who worked in the industrial field. I knew that a lot of people had trouble staying safe while they were at work, so I began talking with different people to see how they thought the industry could change. It was incredible to gather up all of the information and share it with the companies that could really make a difference, and now I honestly feel like I have made some big changes. Check out this blog for great information on making a difference in the industrial field.

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Air Compressor Uses In Manufacturing

Air compressors have a surprising number of uses in manufacturing. Until you have an air compressor break down at work, you may take it for granted how often you rely on these machines to work. If a compressor does break down, there is always the possibility of an air compressor rental to keep work moving, but that also depends on what you need it for. If you have never actually assessed all of the ways in which air compressors work at your place of employment, now is a good time to check it out, maintain the machines that cannot use a rental replacement, and monitor those that can use a rented air compressor temporarily while the main machine is being fixed.

Tire Inflators

This is one example where air compressors in a factory can be temporarily replaced by a rented compressor. Inflating car tires, bike tires and tires on anything else used for transportation or moving heavy machines is a necessary part of the manufacturing process for these transportation and work machines. While an industrial compressor can make the process faster, if it breaks down the temporary use of a rented compressor will, at the very least, keep the production line moving.


Air compressors are often responsible for the perfectly layered paint on all things metal and plastic. You undoubtedly have at least one compressor in your factory that applies paint as needed. In some cases, the compressor may need to shut down to clear clogs from the line or have the hose replaced for better air pressure. When that happens, you may or may not be able to substitute a rented air compressor depending on the amount of psi you usually use and/or require to paint objects on the manufacturing line. Before you rent a compressor to temporarily work as your backup for the painting machine, make sure the psi is the same, or at least adequate in order to get the same quality results.

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools, such as a torque wrench or drill, require an industrial air compressor to feed the air lines. The compressed air system channels the air into the hoses hanging from above, which then attach to the manufacturing and construction tools you need to put things together or prep them for another employee down the line. It becomes a major inconvenience when this compressor breaks down, since it provides compressed air to a long series of pipes and hoses. It may be possible to rent a couple of air compressors that can be temporarily connected to the system so that pressure is maintained and feeds every line in the system.

Visit a supplier's website to continue reading more about air compressor uses.